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Vgenomics is based out of Delhi (India) with a team of scientists, bioinformaticians, molecular biologists and clinicians from India and USA with 200+ research articles and 150+ US patents and > 30 years of experience and, all driven by a shared mission to improve human health and well-being. Vgenomics aims to revolutionize the field of personalized medicine by leveraging the latest advances in genomics and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop innovative diagnostics, prognostics and therapeutic solutions for rare diseases.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where every individual, regardless of the rarity of their condition, has access to timely diagnoses and effective treatments, ensuring a life of dignity, potential, and hope. Realizing this vision would not only transform the lives of those directly affected by rare inborn diseases but would also drive broader societal change, emphasizing the values of equity, collaboration, and innovation in healthcare.

Our Team

Dr. Rahila Sardar

(Chief Executive Officer & Founder)

Dr. Preeti Gupta Lal

(Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder)

Sameer Malik

(Chief Business Officer & Co-founder)

Dr. Arun Gupta

(Chief Medical Officer)

Dr. Abhinav Kaushik

(Technical Advisor)

Dr. Abdul Khalique

(Scientific Advisor)

Dr. Rajiv Karbhal

(Technical Lead)

Sparsh Kumar

(Program Manager)

Sujata Mishra

(Bioinformatics Associate)

Rageshree Kundu

(Research Analyst)

Kartik Pal


Deepak Bhayal


After earning her doctorate from International Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), Dr. Sardar embarked on a mission to transform her research findings into practical applications that could benefit rare disease patients globally. She noticed a gap in dedicated solutions for the burgeoning hub of rare diseases in India, particularly those affecting children, and co-founded Vgenomics with Dr. Preeti to develop affordable diagnostics and therapeutic solutions.

A translational biologist based in Silicon Valley, Dr. Lal brings her expertise in data science, translational medicine, clinical biomarker, and CDx implementation across all phases of clinical trials development to Vgenomics. With over 150 patents to her name, she has substantial experience in regulatory interactions with both the drug and device divisions of the FDA, and companion diagnostics (Dx) programs.

With a decade of diverse experience under his belt, Sameer Malik, an alumnus of the Delhi School of Economics, brings a robust blend of business strategy, finance, operations, and sales expertise to Vgenomics. From kick starting his career at KPMG to founding and scaling an e-commerce startup to over $1.5 million in annual revenues, and further contributing to the startup ecosystem through his involvement in Startup Nexus and Token Amigo, Sameer has navigated through various industries, consistently playing to his strategic and operational strengths. His rich entrepreneurial journey and strategic acumen are now channeled towards advancing Vgenomics' mission in the realm of rare inborn diseases diagnostics and therapeutic solutions.

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