Indian Hospitals need to start using Birth Plans!

A new method of communication between mothers and Doctors- a Birth Plan is a must have in the delivery room! 

A Birth Plan just for you

What is a Birth Plan?

 A birth plan is a list of wants for the mother during birth written for clear communication. It can be really empowering to write down your ideal delivery. It should be brief, friendly in tone, and touch on the following topics but ideally you should use whatever works for you:


  • Your doctors’ names: This includes your Ob/gyn and your pediatrician for your baby to be.
  • Type of birth you want: Caesarean or Natural. If your hospital has different options of natural birth- like water birth, different positions, etc- then write that down too!
  • Permission for an emergency c-section, just in case!
  • Names of your birthing circle: People allowed and banned from visiting you during labor.
  • Permission for photos and videos. You are not going to look very flattering in a hospital gown!
  • Pain management: Epidurals, stress toys, etc, and any known allergies or resistance to pain medicine. Keeping information like that a secret till the last minute is a bad idea!


Keep in mind that hospital staff may not be so receptive to your plan. Be firm in your needs and do not compromise your health! The mother’s health comes first, even before the baby’s. 

As a gift to you, Vgenomics has prepared a readymade printable template that you can use for your own delivery room experience!

Click here to download:


What else would you like your hospitals to know about you while giving birth? Let us know in the comments!

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